Cork egg cup

Agüevo is a hand-finished Natural Cork egg cup that protects the soft-boiled egg and keeps it warm.

Client: 3DCORK

Agüevo transforms the image of traditional egg cup. It is comprised of Natural Agglomerated Cork. Water-repellent, anti-slip yet elastic, this lightweight egg cup protects the soft-boiled egg and keeps it warm thanks to the great insulation properties of cork. Its design features transport the hot egg from the kitchen to the plate, becoming a utilitarian and decorative solution for serving soft-boiled eggs. Agüevo is reversible and it can be used in two different positions. Using innovative applications of cork (100% renewable and recyclable material) it is possible to create an eco-design product for the day-to-day life with highly natural eco-friendly properties. Agüevo is produced by 3DCORK, an innovative Portuguese cork company.

huevera corcho

About Cork

Cork production is sustainable due to the fact that the bark Cork tree (Quercus suber) is harvested every 10 years but the tree continues to live and grow. The cork production is not only sustainable but it is also easy to recycle the cork products and by-products. Cork Oak forest play a key role in capturing CO2, prevent desertification and are a particular habitat in the Iberian Peninsula and the refuge of various endangered species.

cork egg cup


About Eggs

Eating soft-boiled eggs is one of the best ways to get the health benefits of eggs.

soft boiled egg

Photography by estudibasic